1.- We carry out a Selection Process.

2. Groups of a maximum of 30 students.

3.- Study plan updated to 2013, with of Official Validity of Studies Recognition (RVOE) 1618.

4.- Accredited by the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education A.C. (COMAEM) in effect from the period April 2015 - April 2020, endorsing the Quality in Medical Education that is taught at the School.

5.- Affiliated to the Mexican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine A.C. (AMFEM) and the Pan American Federation of Associations of Faculties (Schools) of Medicine (FEPAFEM) since 2009.

6.- Dr. Elizabeth López Becerril, the Director of the School of Medicine is a member of the Planning Council of the Board of Directors of AMFEM (biennium 2015-2017) and member of the Planning Committee of such Association since 2013.

7.- 1. We are registered in the World Directory of Medical Schools, allowing students who wish to continue studying or working abroad. This information can be reviewed at the following link: https://search.wdoms.org/home/SchoolDetail/F0002498 FAIMER SCHOOL ID: F0002498

8.- We are one of the four Schools of Medicine in the country comprising the Medical Simulation Section of AMFEM.

9.- We are leaders in Medical Simulation in the region, we have an excellent and complete Basic and Advanced Simulation Center (consisting of 73 simulators), in addition to an equipped Operating Room Simulator. All of the above we know them as the Center for Integral Training in Simulation for Procedures in the Health Area (CEFISPAS) in which students of undergraduate, graduate and health personnel; Acquire essential skills, aptitudes and attitudes for their professional development.

10.- There is a Virtual Anatomy Laboratory equipped with an Anatomage virtual dissection table and a CyberAnatomy virtual reality equipment, supporting the knowledge acquired in the Basic Sciences received by the students.

11.- We have an institutional membership of the Latin American Association of Clinical Simulation (ALASIC), as well as each one of our simulation instructors has membership of said Association.

12.- Two of our simulation instructors were trained at the Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS) of the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation (CMS), as well as with the Valdecilla Virtual Hospital (Santander, Spain) and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

13.- We contribute to knowledge in Medicine by publishing our research in indexed journals, in which students and teachers participate.

14.- We are one of the few medical schools in the country that has a line of research in its curriculum for 5 semesters, which favors the interest of our students to continue with postgraduate studies (Masters and Doctorates) in the area.

15 .- Within our Curriculum the students are in contact with the First Level of Health Care (in both urban and rural areas) thanks to the fact that there are 5 subjects of Primary Health Care.

16.- Our students and teachers participate in congresses, symposiums, national research meetings in the form of presentation of oral works and poster free work.

17.- Clinical sessions are held biweekly in conjunction with a private hospital in our state, thus strengthening the clinical reflection of our students.

18.- The Association of Medical Students of Aguascalientes (AEMA), members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), has been involved in academic exchanges with countries such as Italy, Panama, Brazil, Macedonia, Tunisia, Hungary, France, among others.

19.- We are one of the few medical schools in the country that has a tutor for each group, which is responsible for the accompaniment and counseling of students throughout the semester, positively impacting the teaching-learning process.

20.- We have an Educational Psychologist and Psychopedagogical Advisor exclusively for medical students.

21.- We have an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Library with up-to-date medical literature.

22.- It has access to a Virtual Library with more than 980 International Medical Journals with full text availability.

23.- There is a Self-directed Study Room for the students of the Medical School use, where they can carry out activities individually and / or in teams, reinforcing the knowledge acquired in classrooms, in addition to a Computer Laboratory, in which homework can be performed, consult the virtual library, among other activities.

24.- Each year the "White Coat Ceremony" is held for students who are selected to enter our School.

25.- Each semester academic recognition is given to the students of the highest average and the best evaluated teacher.

26.- The School of Medicine provides ongoing training for its teachers in Medicine Education.

27.- Two subjects are taught entirely in English (Medical English and Critical Decisions in English).

28.- We have agreements with IMSS, ISSSTE, ISSEA, DIF and other Public and Private Health Institutions for clinical practice, pre-internship, undergraduate medical internship and social service.

29.- We promote the Integral Development of the student through the accomplishment of academic, cultural, recreational, social, altruistic activities, among others.

30.- The Directive Body of the School has a vocation of commitment, dedication and proximity to the school community which allows the development of a sense of belonging and identity among all members of the School of Medicine, as well as the opening to generate spaces of participation for the students to assume roles, functions and responsibilities around the achievement of common goals and objectives.

We are a young, dynamic and innovative medicine school that works for the "Continuous Improvement" and "Academic Excellence with Values" SO OUR STUDENTS BECOME EXCELLENT DOCTORS AND BETTER HUMANS.