The candidate to pursue the Integral Medical Surgeon career at Universidad Cuauhtémoc campus Aguascalientes should have:

 • Human, scientific, academic and humanity interest in the welfare.

 • Verbal and abstract reasoning aptitudes.

 • Service vocation, social sensitivity and inclination for the biomedical sciences.

 • Biological and social adaptation.

 • Judgment independence.

 • Interpersonal relationships correct management.

 • Observation and retention capacity.

 • Deep human interest, service and initiative attitude, and emotional stability.

 • Sensitivity for Human Behavior Comprehension.

 • Attitudes and values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, interest and willingness to study, to research, teamwork and desire for self-improvement.

 • Moral and religious values besides discipline, self-improvement and permanent training.

 • Assertive and self-esteem conduct.

 • Basic knowledge of English.

 • Adequate psychometric profile, without personality disorders and with normal or high IQ average.